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Meet Chef Kandie

Yoga and the journey within inspired me to become a yoga teacher but soon my background in restaurants and catering combined with my love for cooking, menu planning and hosting events found me studying nutrition, researching recipes and catering retreats! My yoga practice is still thriving, and I often offer yoga classes when not in the kitchen. 


Retreat catering has taken me throughout the West and all across the beautiful state of Washington.  

My passion for FUNctional real food, meaningful experiences and elevated living is my "why" for creating

soulful nourishment for others.  


Menus are curated with great care and awareness around the seasons. They are filled with local organic plant-forward ingredients to optimize nutrition and flavor.

Kandieyoga culinary creations are infused

with loving yogic energy and joy.

Let's create connection and vitality together. 

Contact me about your next retreat or event!



Kandieyoga Catering

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